Waiting out COVID 19 in Muskoka

I woke up this morning realizing that for 46 days of physical and social distancing, I have been exercising and cooking and worrying. Unlike everyone else on Instagram, I have not cleaned out a single closet, written a memoir or read one notable book (American Dirt I’m coming for you some day. ) I have only put one facial mask on, finally chipped off nail polish after four weeks, cleaned obsessively and played grocery roulette.

I have a daughter who lives in New York City and a 91-year old Mom in the city and quite frankly, they are taking up most of my bandwidth. Apparently this worrying has left me no time or intention to do anything more productive than plan our next meal or theirs.

Oh and I have learned how to put an old profile photo on Zoom so that I don’t have to wash my hair for meetings.

So now I turn my attention to all that I have learned about isolating in the most beautiful place on earth, Muskoka. I know, I know… I am fortunate and I am grateful. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t get depressed sometimes thinking about when the next time will be that I can hug my Mom and my kids. Am I the only one who can be grateful and sorrowful at the same time?

I do want to share everything I have learned about being in Muskoka for the last 46 days. And I want to encourage you, if you are staying home here, to support our local businesses so that they will continue to be here for us when this is finally over.

But first, a big shoutout to all of the health and frontline workers here in Muskoka. You keep it a safe haven and grateful does not even begin to cover my thanks.

Ok, so how to thrive in Muskoka. I’m going to start with fitness, since I’ve been doing so much of that. Then I will cover grocery shopping and then the great restaurants that are offering food pick ups. Muskoka retailers will be up after that. So keep posted to Muskoka Daily and let me know if there are any isolation recommendations that I’m missing.

Keeping Fit

The the only thing that has saved me from turning into the next contestant on “My 600 Pound Life” and the bag of chips every night is all the online exercise programs available and many of the ones I enjoy are from our friends in Muskoka.

Tri Lakes Training

Tri Lakes jumped in early on the remote classes. They will continue their VIRTUAL Classes for the month of May.
Remember, if you can’t make the 10 am time slot, that’s okay….videos will be sent to you to complete at ANY time throughout the day!
Here’s their schedule for next month and you can sign up on the Mindbody app.
 Mondays 10 am Strength Circuit

Wednesdays 10 am Strength Circuit

Fridays 10 am Mat Pilates & Stretch

Saturdays 10 am Strength Circuit 
 – Month of May, UNLIMITED Classes: $90 + hst
– 5 Pack of Virtual Classes: $45 + hst
 Single Virtual Class: $10 + hst

Power Yoga Canada/ Power Yoga Muskoka

If you miss being in the Boathouse in SWS Marina and dropping into Abbey’s afterward to pick up some butter tarts, you can join Jenn Dwyer Binnington on Zoom every Saturday at 10 a.m. and every Monday at 9:30 p.m. As she has a big beautiful baby bump, she won’t necessarily be demonstrating each pose (but one of the other PYC instructors will) but you will get to hear her soothing voice and Jenn provides a playlist on Spotify that will put you virtually into the Boathouse.

You can also take Power Yoga Canada classes by Zoom virtually every hour of the day with their instructors from all the PYC studios. Sign up on their website or the mindbody app. Or they have free classes on Instagram.

Iron Lady Golf

Local golf courses are getting ready to open mid to late May (Covid and the Premier permitting) with social distancing in play. So it’s a great time to start getting in shape. Our local Iron Lady, Lindsay Knowlton, has been giving clinics on Instagram and zoom classes with TriLakes Fitness. Lindsay’s golf exercises and tips will get you ready to swing. Check out @ironladygolf on Instagram for the type of PGA practice exercises, golf etiquette and golf tips that we love about Lindsay.

There are many more local fitness options to support or you can get just about any type of class online for free these days. Even Pelaton has a 90 free trial that includes running, cardio, cycling etc…but I want to encourage you to support our local businesses, if you can.

I will finish with what I think is a sweet story about my fitness obsession during quarantine/social distancing. I tend to do my classes in the basement, overlooking the lake. I turn up the tunes and if the music is good, I sing along. The other day my husband of 40 plus years remarked that he hadn’t heard me sing in many many years. It made him happy to hear me. Clearly he doesn’t come to my spin classes!!!

Stay healthy + Stay safe Muskoka!

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