Waiting out Covid-19 in Muskoka…Part 2

Safe Grocery Shopping I love to cook. I’m considered a good cook by Mr. H and my family and friends. I often have large crowds for lunch and dinner at the cottage. I often host the holidays. But I don’t think I have ever spent so much time thinking about cooking my next meal. Sound […]

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Waiting out COVID 19 in Muskoka

I woke up this morning realizing that for 46 days of physical and social distancing, I have been exercising and cooking and worrying. Unlike everyone else on Instagram, I have not cleaned out a single closet, written a memoir or read one notable book (American Dirt I’m coming for you some day. ) I have […]

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Friends of Muskoka Flood Hope

A Relief Campaign in Support of the 2019 Muskoka Floods On July 1st, 2019, the community of Muskoka will come together in effort to support those affected by the destructive 2019 Muskoka floods. Long-time Muskoka cottagers, Tamara Bahry and Amanda Petrovic have partnered with local support organizations and Salt Fine Jewelry, to collaborate on custom […]

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Hello, it’s me!

It’s been a long time coming: Victoria Day Weekend 2019 in Muskoka Yes, this is when the optimism that defines cottagers shows up. We are full of anticipation for the season ahead. And although mostly a work weekend getting the cottage and grounds ready for summer fun, there is lots to distract you. Golf Courses […]

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Yoga on your deck or dock

A couple of years ago, I had my kids and nieces up at the cottage and we had a critical mass of yoga enthusiasts so I hired a yoga instructor to come and give a private lesson on the deck. Yes, that’s us above. It is a memory we all cherish. Lovely Kirsten recently purchased Zen Yoga […]

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“Just because something appears trivial does not mean it is any less powerful as a means of persuasion and outreach.”

This recent quote from a New York Times article called “What Michelle Obama Wore and Why it Mattered” caught my attention and resonates with me on a lot of levels. Having been the editor of a fashion magazine, I know that many people trivialize fashion’s role in society. However, it is an industry that influences […]

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