News in the neighborhood

New stores, takeovers and expansion in Muskoka…inquiring minds and shoppers want to know! First the takeover: The General Store in Rosseau has new owners.  Laurie McDonald and Brian Dollin took over the keys to the store in March. Hopefully they won’t change things too much from the way that Cheryl and her sister ran the store. […]

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Get your Beds Spring Ready

Just when you think Spring is here, it snows.  In April. That is Muskoka for you! By Kathy Lowe,  Décor Editor During this transitional season, you can have some decorating fun with making your friends and family more comfortable by switching up your bed linens. Yes, it’s all about the beds at this time of year. Whether […]

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Funtivities for an Adult Snow Day

Seems timely; we’re expecting snowsqualls in Muskoka this weekend, so here are some indoor activities to keep you from going stir crazy. 1.Create your own avatar on your phone. My favourite is bitmoji, a free app that let’s you select your hair colour and style, face shape, eye shape and this week I even picked out […]

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“Just because something appears trivial does not mean it is any less powerful as a means of persuasion and outreach.”

This recent quote from a New York Times article called “What Michelle Obama Wore and Why it Mattered” caught my attention and resonates with me on a lot of levels. Having been the editor of a fashion magazine, I know that many people trivialize fashion’s role in society. However, it is an industry that influences […]

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Good things happen over coffee

Speaking of coffee, my favourite beverage…you’ll find I’m more than a little obsessed, I asked the Oliver’s Coffee folks at the Esso station in P.C. whether the Tim Horton’s opening had affected their business. They said it didn’t appear so, thereby once more proving the Starbuck’s theory of putting coffee shops on every corner actually […]

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