Sudbury-born artist creates Georgian Bay inspired paddles

ebay paddles

These will definitely look good over your cottage mantle. Here’s a unique Canadian artistry project that involves hand-painted paddles inspired by Killarney Provincial Park and Georgian Bay. Sudbury-born paddle designer and founder of Norquay Co – Natasha Wittke – has just partnered with eBay Canada to exclusively offer paddles that tell the stories behind her canoe trips across Canada.

Her cherry wood, hand painted paddles pay homage and represent bodies of water that Natasha herself has journeyed on. The Killarney originated from the gorgeous pink granite rocks and deep green, leaning pines. Growing up close to Georgian Bay, Natasha draws much of her creativity from her canoe trips along this coast.

In collaboration with eBay Canada, all proceeds for these paddles will go to the Canadian Canoe Foundation. This foundation educates youth on environmental issues through transformative canoe trips across the country.

Designed and crafted as wall or mantle pieces, these paddles add a trendy pop of colour to any room. The Killarney, Bowron and Mackenzie paddles can be bought for $350 at

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