Getting fit in Muskoka

Let’s face it, when you’re at the cottage there are even more calories to work off. Here are some of the places you can do that and arrive by boat or car. Some are even open this weekend. How hard can “Muskoka Muscle” be anyways? We will find out!

PowerYoga Muskoka

A schedule of 23 classes a week awaits you this year at the Boathouse at the SWS Marina in Minett, starting on June 29. New this year: drop-in classes vary from $20 to $25 per class depending on the time of day. With the unlimited pass, you access classes from June 8 to September 2nd. Sign up for your Summer unlimited pass before June 10 and save.

TriLakes Training/Fitness

Your choice of classes, personal training or gym membership. Single classes and packages available for all of these. Class schedules start on May 8 and include Cardio Joe, Muskoka Muscle and Pilates. Sign up online.

Shock Fitness

Shock Fitness opens on June 1st at the Lake Joseph Club and the class schedule begins June 30th. Season and multi-class passes are now on sale. Available classes this summer are ABC, Circuit, Spinning, TRX, and Power Yoga.

The Key 5K

The Kee 5k Run on July 21 starts and finishes at the Kee to Bala. I’m mentionong it now because it’s a great training goal or a great training run if you’ve got a longer goal later in the season. Sign up now and hit the roads.



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