Making the most of the remaining Muskoka days of summer


Now there are officially just 35 days left in Muskoka summer so here are some more activities you must squeeze in (continued from previous post). Make this your Remainder of Summer Bucket list and include lots of laughter.

19. Go Ziplining at JW Marriott Resort in Minett

Resort guests and day visitors can soar 600 ft. across the Five Bridges trail on the new zip line at JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka! In partnership with SOAR Management, the resort is taking the Muskoka experience to new heights by offering this dual zip line daily from 10-5pm for $15 per zip run or $25 for two consecutive runs.

20. Make a Pesto sauce with the great fresh basil abundantly available right now

21. Go fishing

Our local trout are delicious and what an accomplishment to eat what you catch.

22. Don’t wait for the official Muskoka Art Tour, create your own

Muskoka has many talented artists from pottery to glass blowing to watercolours to wood carving. Create your own artist tour (they will be happy to see you) by going on the Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour site and download their map.

23. There is still time to catch one of the SWS Waterski Shows

24. Santa’s Village …it’s in Bracebridge half way to the North Pole

If you have kids and you haven’t taken them to Santa’s Village yet this summer, it’s the equivalent of driving to Florida and passing Disney World. So close and so delightful every time.

25. Visit one of the nine Museums and discovery centres in Muskoka

Located beside the locks in Port Carling, Muskoka Lakes Museum is an independent non-profit museum, focusing on the cultural history of the Muskoka Lakes.

Interactive exhibits, museum-wide scavenger hunts, and our Flashback Fun Days kids programing are featured throughout the season. Encounter ancient artifacts from the region’s First Nations people, relive the pioneer era in our 100 year-old log cabin, and experience resort and cottage life from the past to the present.

And there are eight more of these

26. Play with the Ponies and do the Farm Tour at Back of Beyond Equine Centre

This Hunstville farm has rescue and retired horses and is filled with activities from Play with Ponies to Horse Care 101 to scavenger hunts and Farm tours for children of all ages (and I mean adult children too.)

27. Make Ice Cream Sandwiches with Tates Bakeshop Cookies

I just discovered that the Rosseau General Store has a whole display of my favourite cookies. Heaven, I’m in heaven…and I’m even going to share!

28. Have one last Blueberry Donut at Port Sandfield’s Silver Streams store

It is surely a sign that it’s August when the last blueberry donuts are available at this Port Sandfield store. The best donuts ever and worth the calories. Boat there and you can always wakeboard home to work them off. [Ed note: yes, I do recognize that a lots of my activities revolve around food!]

29. Take one more golf lesson or clinic (it’s not too late to improve your game this summer!)

30. Go kayaking – No Day like Today!


31.  Roast marshmallows over an outdoor fire pit when the sun has gone down [find someone to play guitar to accompany you]

32.  Visit the Falls in Bala (and while you’re there stop in at Don’s Bakery.)

33.  Invite some city-bound friends up for Labour Day weekend…share your piece of heaven in Muskoka

34. Cut hydrangeas from your garden and dry them out for fall arrangements

35. Tell your family how much you have enjoyed this gift of a summer in Muskoka with them… yeah, peace out.



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