Baroness Von Sketch goes to Muskoka

baroness von sketch

In this rainy weather, you may be looking for some good binge tv watching. Top of the funny list is Baroness Von Sketch on CBC. It has been getting lots of attention south of the border this week. Vogue magazine called it the “best thing to come out of Canada since Ryan Gosling.” And no less than the New York Times trumpeted “The Baronesses are coming!” This female Canadian sketch show invasion will take place on IFC in the States, but we get to watch it here on CBC even with our rabbit ears. The episode on Cottage Rules absolutely hilarious and I’m sure every Muskoka host or hostess will recognize a bit of themselves in this…I know that I do!

According to the Globe and Mail, the hottest comedy writers right now are “Jennifer Whalen, Carolyn Taylor, Meredith MacNeill and Aurora Browne, the four Canadian stars and creators of Baroness Von Sketch Show, a sharp and resonant series that’s been a hit on CBC for the past two seasons and that is now having its moment south of the border.”

But not seriously, folks, check out the cottage bit! I totally see myself in this sketch and if we can’t laugh at ourselves…



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