National Cookie Day: yes, that’s a thing

And just in time too. Because my favourite dessert these days at the cottage (not pie!!!) is chocolate chip cookies with ice cream sandwiched in the middle.

My obsession started when we took a side trip to the Glen Burney Lodge Provisions Co. store in Parry Sound and the first time I bought Tate’s Bake Shop cookies. Evidently in the Hamptons, the sole purpose of Tate’s chocolate chip cookies (as you can see I bought the gluten free ones) is to surround ice cream. I tried dairy-free coconut ice that I bought at Port Sandfield’s Silver Stream for one of my guests and some Greg’s Roasted Marshmallow (yes, I bring it up from the city in a cooler) for the rest of my guests. Big hit. Best cookies. Best ice cream. Best sandwich.


Tate's Bake Shop

So now I’m on the hunt for Tate’s Bake Shop cookies in Muskoka. Anyone?

In the meantime, I bought some of those incredible brownie in a chocolate chip cookies at Abbey’s Bakehouse in Minett and I am looking to trying those out with ice cream. What could be bad?


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