Bug free/bear free in Muskoka

All of the rain this summer has produced a proliferation of bugs. Even Mr. H doesn’t go into the ruff looking for his ball with all the talk of ticks. However, I do not like using chemicals either on my skin or near the bbq or deck. So here are some ways to get rid of those nasty pests. Speaking of pests, let’s talk about bears. There are definitely 100s of black bears in Muskoka, so be prudent and take pre-cautions but if you do chance to meet a bear, don’t stop to take a selfie.


Chemical-free bug control: DynaTrap

Time to bring out the big guns:


DynaTrap is a technology-driven indoor/outdoor insect trap  chemical, pesticide, and hassle free — that protects against mosquitoes, biting flies, moths, wasps, and more for up to an acre around your property. DynaTrap relies on UV light and CO2 to mimic human beings and maximize predatory insect attraction, rather than pesticides or smelly sprays. Its strong yet silent fan then vacuums the insects into a retaining cage. With no pesticides, chemicals, odors, noise, or hassle; it’s perfect for families and pets.
We have ours positioned near the BBQ and the back door. That way Mr H is not swarmed when he’s manning the grill.
 DynaTrap is sold at Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Walmart and online.

DIY MOSQUITO REPELLENT MASON JARS – See previous post, I’ve been making these all summer!

When combined together, essential oils and citrus fruits make a very effective mosquito repellent. Here’s what you will need:

2 mason jars

10 drops of lemon eucalyptus essential oil

10 drops of citronella essential oil

One lemon, sliced

One lime, sliced

4 rosemary sprigs

Floating disc candles

Preparation: Add even amounts of lemon and lime slices to each jar and then put 2 sprigs of rosemary into each jar. Next, fill the jar with ¾ water and add 10 drops of the essential oils to a specific jar (don’t mix them). To activate them, just light a candle.

These bug-repelling jars make a great addition to backyards, porches, campfires, and other outdoor areas where you spend your summer nights.



bug stuff

Teddy Bear Picnic

When we bought our first cottage, it came with all of the belongings of the people we bought it from, including wedding mementos, toys and books. One of the books, Teddy Bear Picnic, is my favourite children’s book and my kids can all recite it by heart. While I do love the beautifully illustrated book, I do NOT want the bears picnicking at my cottage. I make sure that we do not leave food out, that all of our doors are solidly closed and we clean the BBQ area of food or food serving pieces.

Here is what MNR says to do if you do encounter a bear.


•  Do not try to get closer to the bear

•  Make sure the bear has a clear escape route

•  If close to the bear, yell, wave your arms to make yourself look bigger, throw objects, blow a whistle and/or use bear pepper spray

•  If the bear does not approach, back away slowly until it is out of sight, while talking with a low, monotone voice

•  If the bear advances towards you, stand your ground and fight back

•  Get inside if you’re near a building or vehicle, or leave the area if you’re hiking, camping, jogging or cycling

•  If with a group, stay together

Source: The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry



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