International Tequila Day: is there a better way to celebrate Monday?

In honour of International Tequilla Day, here are a few tequila cocktails you may want to try to make your Monday on the dock or deck better!

Spicy Sparkling Margarita 


2 parts Blanco Tequila

½ part Cointreau

3 slices of Jalapeño pepper

Juice of 1/8 lime

1 ½ parts Sparkling Ice Lemon Lime


Shake Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and peppers with ice. Pour into rocks glass with salted rim and lime wedge. Top with Sparkling Ice Lemon Lime.

Sparkling Tequila Sunrise


2 oz. orange juice

2 oz. tequila

½ oz. grenadine

2 oz. Sparkling Ice Orange Mango


Fill a tall glass with ice cubes, then the orange juice, and tequila. Top with Sparkling Ice Orange Mango and grenadine, then garnish with a maraschino cherry and orange slice and serve.


Black Raspberry Brut


1 ½ oz. Silver Tequila

2 oz. brut Champagne

7 large black raspberries

2 oz. Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry

¼ oz. lemon juice


Muddle black raspberries, Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry and lemon juice in a glass. Pour ingredients into a glass filled with ice. Add tequila, stir, and strain into a large rocks glass filled with ice. Top with brut Champagne and garnish with a skewered black raspberries.

Grapefruit Margaritas

grapefruit tequilla

I’ve been inspired by seeing Jose Cuervo Golden Grapefruit Margarita on the LCBO shelves. So I’ve been adding Ruby Red Grapefruit juice to my usual margarita recipe (one shot of tequila, two ounces of frozen margarita mix and half a shot of Cointreau or Triple Sec over ice.)



And then there is this…neat of course.

Everyone knows that tequila is my go-to sip. If there is anyone who can convince me that there is a better taste in life than Don Julio 1942, I will buy the first and second rounds.


donjulio 1942

Happy International Tequila Day!

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