Waterski Show: full family fun


I had forgotten how much fun it is to go watch the SWS Waterski Show but clearly hundreds of others had not. Last night at Clevelands House Resort, the lawn chairs were full and the Pies were flying out the door. When our kids were young, we would boat over every Monday to Clevelands House and sit on the Boathouse patio, eating the biggest basket of fries and chicken fingers and enjoying the same corny waterski show over and over. The good news is that the food has improved to Pie Pizzas and the waterski show is as good (and corny) as ever. Additions to the show include Flyboard champions and the show still ends with the human pyramid (my fav).

So in the service of all family fun time, here below is the full SWS Waterski Show schedule. These kids are very talented and come from all over the world to perform for you. And there is plenty of room on the docks to watch at each of these locations.

SWS Waterski show has the following Muskoka schedule:

Shows start at 7:30 PM – rain or shine.

  • Monday: Clevelands House Resort, Minett
  • Tuesday: Windsor Park, Bala
  • Wednesday: Boston Pizza, Muskoka Wharf, Gravenhurst
  • Thursday: Bayview Wildwood Resort, Sparrow Lake

Show time: 7:30-8:30

And if you are lucky like we were, you’ll catch a beautiful sunset on the way home.


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