Independence Day: We know a few Americans who are working on July 4th


Thanks to Instagram, we know how Gwyneth, Miley and Madonna are celebrating July 4th today. But on a quick trip from Muskoka to the City to stock up on supplies and do banking, we caught a quick pizza on Yonge Street and guess what…we found out that the cast of Suits is filming tonight at one of our favourite old school restaurants. So now we know how Gabriel Macht, Patrick Adams, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty (local girl though) and Rick Hoffman are spending their Fourth of July holiday. The real question is: will Prince Harry be on set?

Suits featuring our favourite (and impeccably dressed) legal team is returning for Season 7 premiere on July 12th. That’s next week, people. You just got your PVR alert here.

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