Bored Games: What to do with cottage guests on a rainy day

While board games are fun for a while, when the weather is forecast to be rainy for three solid days, there is more to do in Muskoka than pull out the cards. And there is that too…

Mobile Self-Guided Tour of Group of Seven


Explorers Edge has just introduced a series of mobile self-guided tours of Algonquin and Muskoka. If your guests are art collectors, take the The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery Tour. Explore more than 90 massive mural replicas of these iconic works throughout Algonquin Park, Huntsville and Lake of Bays, Muskoka. With detailed info and video guidance by artistic director Gerry Lantaigne. Visit   and experience iconic 20th century Canadian art coming to life again in the digital age.  An easy way to do it is to go to the Self Guided Tour link on your phone and then pick a town you are near, like Baysville or Huntsville, click on the map and away you go.  From your phone or tablet go to

If your guests have different interests, Explorers Edge has also launched two other self-guided tours:

Bike Cottage Country Tour, train and trek in Ontario’s cottage country. Over 70 routes depending on what type of riding you enjoy, maps and GPS functionality to help you set your course, and info on pit stops along the way. Visit

Cottage Country Beer Trail Discover award-winning breweries in the region. Events, live music, foodie fun, the amazing “beer scene” in the wilderness north of Toronto – and so much more. Visit

Georgian Bay 30,000 Island Cruise


Never cruised Georgian Bay? Even in the rain, this is a uniquely beautiful trip. The Island Queen boat is designed to maximize comfort and viewing quality. The ship features comfortable seating and large viewing windows, spacious outside observation decks, wheelchair accessible washrooms, a snack bar, a full commentary and heat for cooler spring and fall days. Passengers can move about freely during the duration of the cruises. to book in advance. Leaves from Parry Sound. Cameras a must accessory.

Colouring Books

Everyone likes to colour and some of us (young and old alike) like to colour outside the lines. There are colouring books today for all occasions and inspirations.


Stock up on Books (yes, the old school print kind)


Although some of your guests will have their Kindles on hand, some will arrive without a book so we always have a few around. This year, we have Tony Robbins’ new book, Unshakeable about the stock markets and whatever Tony says unleashes the “power within.” Red Notice by Bill Browder is a couple of years old but with all the talk about Putin these days any guy who can take him on deserves a fresh read. Timely. We also have the latest John Grisham novel, Camino Island, for those who want a little lighter fare. And for purely guilty pleasure reading, we’re offering The Nest and Kevin Kwan’s latest, Rich People Problems.

and finally, let the games begin:


At the beginning of the season, stop into Costco and pick up a new box of six decks of cards. With the humidity, we find we that our playing cards start to stick. There are the old fashioned games, such as Euchre or Canaste but War idles the hours away too. Of course, in this internet age, even the According to Hoyle Card game rules are online, so learn a new game or enjoy an old one. Let’s face it, it’s more about the snacks!

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