Instagram worthy lake toys

Time to step up your cottage toys game and make a splash. Today a floatie makes your social media spark. Long weekend is coming people!

Toronto-born and based in New York and LA artist Donald Robertson is one of the artists designing pool toys for Funboy. Robertson’s mermaids are brightly coloured like all of his designs. You can own one of his originals by ordering online:


Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12′ Stand Up Paddleboard 2017


Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12′ Stand Up Paddleboard 2017

When paddling isn’t enough, try peddling on this new SUP. The Hobie Mirage Eclipse will scoot you around the lake in no time. You can even take a furry friend.

Island Hopper Bounce and Splash 13 Foot Bounce Platform or the Turtle Jump Trampoline

The Bounce & Splash will give users years of use and tons of bouncing fun! Kids love the water and just about anything they can do on it. How come it can’t be like that when bath time comes around? The Bounce & Splash water bouncer was designed to offer recreational users the same high quality designs and materials that make Aqua Sports Island Hopper water trampolines the choice of camps and resorts worldwide. This manageable 13ft size was designed for hard use and longevity.



Water bikes


This is how I want to circumnavigate my lake this summer. Working out never looked so cool.


floats_giant_donut_pool_foat.jpgmarguerita shaped pool toy.png

Floating beer pong, donuts, avocados and swans all grace our dock. This year we’re casing out the Marguerita-shaped one I spotted at the Indian River Trading Company in Port Carling.












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