The right gear for running safely in Muskoka

Here is where I admit that I am a runner (a slow runner but nonetheless) and have run halfs, full and numerous 10ks, including the Muskoka Rocks one for Camp Ooch. I am planning to run The Kee 5k in Bala on July 8.

Here’s some of the gear I think you need/want (what’s the difference really?)

Smart Jewelry to keep you safe, active and connected

Yes, I wear one of those plastic activity trackers but if you are on the hunt for an inconspicuous tracker that looks less like a wearable and more like a piece of jewelry, there is WiseWear’s Socialite Collection that also helps keep you safe and connected. The Socialite Collection by WiseWear is a smart bracelet collection designed to keep you safe, healthy, and connected to what matters most. Each bracelet serves as a safety device with a unique distress messaging feature, provides real-time mobile notifications, and tracks your activity. By concealing advanced technology inside beautiful jewelry, Socialite empowers you feel your most confident on the inside and out!

Socialite’s patented antenna technology allows Bluetooth signals to transmit through the metal of the bracelet. The bracelet wirelessly connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can track your activity, receive real-time mobile notifications, and send a distress signal to your emergency contacts in urgent situations. On the WiseWear Socialite mobile app, you can set your activity goals, customize your notifications, manage your emergency contact list, and more.


Hands-free leash

I love running with my dog (and I think it is safer.) So to help, PetSafe offers this great hands fee leash. It is easy to order online.



Beware of bears!

Seeing as you can run with a handsfree leash (see above!) that leaves your hands for bear spray and a mosquito wand. Both are available from Indian River Trading Company on Highway 118 in Port Carling. Also at Indian River are Bear Bells that you can attach to your dog leash. Let them hear you coming!

bear spray

bear bells


My biggest “bug” bear about running in Muskoka are the mosquitoes and black flies. So you will always see me outside with my “Executioner” mosquito wand. It has made great gifts for many of my friends and family and I buy them in bulk at the Indian River Trading Company.

See you on the road!


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