Getting your cottage gardens ready

One of the next chores on my to-do list, as every cottager, is getting our property ready for the summer months. Mr. H is great at doing property clean up so he has blown away all the winter detritus, raked and removed all of the leaves but our gardens need replenishing and we have a bunch of planters that need filling. And my thumb is any colour but green.

First up, a stop at Freskiws on Highway 11 just south of Orillia that yielded the best selection of planters that I have seen this season. And the prices are excellent too. We liked our planters so much that we stopped at the Freskiws going south on Highway 11 (south of Gravenhurst) on the way home and bought a couple for our house in the city.

manure two

So dock and front door planters: check! By the way, our neighbor does a Costco run on the way up to the cottage every season to fill her dock planters with red geraniums and they are always gorgeous.

Next up our cottage gardens. We have rows of hydrangea bushes but last year they were shy of the blooms of previous years. Jenn and Shannon Meunier from Earth Expressions, local landscaping geniuses, suggest Sheep Manure will help our hydrangeas grow big blooms. These hardworking garden experts also brought in a trailer load of topsoil as our gardens are so sandy and recommend laying layers of mulch to reduce the amount of watering and eliminate weeds from growing in our gardens.

Brackenrig Nursery in Port Carling says that it has propagated thousands of plants native to Muskoka, as well as naturalized species and they now have a large amount of indigenous plant material available. Making use of natural materials and selecting plants suitable for Muskoka growing conditions  create a natural environment that will give you pleasure all summer.

Windermere Garden Centre now has two locations. One in Port Carling and the original one have thousands of annuals and perennials as well as shrubs and bushes ready for your garden.

Happy Gardening!



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