Drive-in movies Muskoka-style, a summer family tradition

Yes, Ellie… the Muskoka Drive In is still the best family fun night in Muskoka.

I come from a small town where drive-in movies in the summertime were a great occasion. We kids put on our pajamas and packed our pillows in the back seat and off we went, often in family caravans.

Many years ago, in a galaxy far far away and barely two weeks after our son was born and it being August, beloved husband and I headed north to the cottage for a couple of weeks to have some family bonding time. My brother and sister-in-law and two young nieces drove in from Ottawa to join us. Although it was my first time being a Mom, my sister-in-law was the EXPERT having survived two toddlers and having her around with this alien creature was very re-assuring. One night, looking for a funtivity with two kids and a baby, we all piled into their minivan (we had not graduated to minivan stage yet) and headed to the Muskoka Drive In.

Spaceballs was playing and while we learned that “merchandising is the key to the universe” (oddly prescient that Mel Brooks and never gets old), number one son slept in his car seat while we enjoyed multiple popcorn refills, big sodas before they were guilty pleasures and tried to laugh without waking the baby. It turns out that these many years later, the Muskoka Drive In is still entertaining families with double bills and 50 cent popcorn refills every weekend. It’s just off of Highway 11 between Gravenhurst and Bracebridge and not only can you bring a carload of kids and babies, but they even allow dogs (on leash of course.) Great family time out and gives Mom and Dad a break. I think those many years ago, I probably slept as much as my precious baby boy.

Taking both of our kids to the Muskoka Drive In became a summertime family tradition for us. It’s already open for the season.

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