Carrying on our Mom’s traditions of love

The next in our series of Mom Tributes is by Design Editor Kathy Lowe who lovingly remembers her wonderful Mom.
My Mom loved Mother’s Day.  She dressed up, put on a little lipstick, did her hair, and cooked a great dinner for her family.  Contrary to putting her feet up and being waited on, this was her idea of enjoying her special day.  Year after year, we brought her flowers and personal gifts and she was thrilled with having her family together.
On May 8, 2005 I experienced the first Mother’s Day without my Mom, Gwen Lowe, who passed away on October 23rd, 2004.  Of all the ‘anniversaries’ during the first year of losing Mom, Mother’s Day was the most difficult.  I spent the day with my best friend Brenda at her home in Campbellville and she allowed me my reflective time.  On her sofa, I found comfort in knowing that this day would be forever changed in my life.
So now Mother’s Day is different for me.  I now celebrate my friends, like Brenda, who are the pure definition of great ‘Moms’.  I watch as their children grow older, get married, and have children of their own.  I watch as they calmly accept that their kids have moved on and have lives of their own and I watch for the seldom expressed pride they feel for them.  I watch with a healthy envy as I do not have children of my own.
So on Mother’s Day, I attempt to text, email, or telephone a quick few words to all my friends who are Moms.  I usually do this first thing in the morning and then I feel really good all day.
So to all the Moms of the world, have a happy day and know that you are appreciated and loved, not only by your family, but by your friends too.

Kathy Lowe is a Port Carling-based designer whose work is seen in fine homes in Muskoka, Georgian Bay, Toronto and Naples, Florida and who is a wonderful friend following in a tradition of love.


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