A courageous Mom continues to make her dreams come true

Next up in our series of Mom Tributes, is contributor and personal storyographer Sheryl Lavine…

“If I could choose any mother in the world, I would choose my own mom.  My mother is the absolute greatest for so many reasons.

One reason is her surprising courage.   She has been courageous her whole life, however, every so often, she astonishes us with a surprisingly courageous act.  At the top of the list is deciding to have her first Bat Mitzvah at age 83…only 70 years later than the traditional age!  She probably surprised herself at undertaking such a challenging and public endeavour.  And…she was an outstanding success.

A close second in the surprise category is her sudden interest in her 80s to become physically fit.  She works out regularly with a personal trainer.  She walks everywhere she can.  She purposely makes extra trips to the grocery store so she can get in more exercise and, of course, carrying bags is like carrying weights.  Even my sister and I are (delightfully) surprised when we go for walks and she moves so fast we have to catch up with her.

All to say, at age 89 years young, my mother continues to make her dreams come true.  She believes age is a number that shouldn’t dictate one’s lifestyle.

May she continue to dream for many many more years to come, and may she continue to surprise us – and herself – with more new and exciting acts of courage that make her feel as accomplished and precious as she is.

Now.. off to the gym so I can work on keeping up with her.”

Rose photo

Sheryl Lavine is a Personal Storyographer.  She turns people’s stories into family treasures by preserving personal stories – whether a whole life story or a chapter of a person’s life – on video.  Browse her website and even enjoy her mom starring in “Demo Reel” at www.Lifeisodes.com.


One thought on “A courageous Mom continues to make her dreams come true

  1. What a Lovely Tribute to a Wonderful Lady!
    Thanks for sharing and I agree with every word!
    May you grow from strength to strength!
    Your Friend and I’m to say it!
    Esterella 😘😉👍🏼💐🎉😁


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