Moms, the greatest invention ever

This week we will run a story each day about our Mom’s. The ones we have; the ones we miss. I’ll start with my Mom.

Some people have good Moms. Some people, I have learned, have bad Moms. I am fortunate to have been the grand prize winner in the Mom lottery. I have the world’s greatest Mom.

I don’t just say that…it is true. Her father used to call her “an angel” for her kindness to everyone. He was right. My Mom is not only the best mother, but an incredible grandmother who knows what is important in every one of her nine  grandchildren’s lives. When she cooks for her large and unruly family, she makes everyone’s favourite, from vegetarians to gluten free to those who are on a keto diet…she knows what everyone eats and makes sure she has something for everyone. She loves her kids and grandchildren, but her great-grandson is the absolute joy and love of her life  [shown below hours after he was born].


Every morning when she wakes up around 9 a.m., my Mom calls me to check in. Since she had a stroke three years ago, I want to make sure she has had a good night. Last week, my 88-year-old Mom set her alarm for 7 a.m. and called me in New York where she knew I was facilitating an all day ideation session. She wanted to call before we got started so she could wish me good luck. See what I mean…world’s greatest Mom. And although over the course of her life, she has been an accomplished artist and businesswoman (and still does sudoku every day and bakes for her mahj gang), she is always there to support each one of us no matter where we are in the world and showing how much she loves all of her family with her words and her deeds.  Long may she reign!


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