The Mini Bag Trend

My big black leather Prada carryall bag has been sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be packed and picked up for two years now. (Yes, that is as untidy as it sounds.) A couple of years ago, I followed the wisdom of my inspiring friend, Micki Moore, and stopped carrying huge purses. I bought a crossbody black Prada in Italy and have been a convert to “mini bags” ever since. Apparently I do NOT need to carry around my mascara, flashlight, Kaballah bible, crystals, hairbrush, eyelash extension brushes, four lip glosses, 101 loyalty cards etc etc with me at all times!

Which is why I am cheering for this season’s Mini Bag Trend.

There are mini satchels, wristlets, cross bodies and the Fendi one show above left even has that guitar bag strap trend that we talked about before going on. My favourite is the mini smart tech bag from Stefanies…it lights up with a click and vibrates when you receive a text or call. Spectaclar. And much easier on the shoulders!

mini bag beaded stef





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