Guilty pleasure watching: “I’m the Queen of England. What makes you think I can’t whip up a magnificent figgy pudding?”

What better way to pass cold wintry nights in Muskoka than to binge watch all the new seasons of our favourites that have just started. Yes, Homeland is back with the opening episode Sunday night and takes place in Brooklyn but I left that languishing on my PVR and have been binging on the third season of The Royals. Seeing (and hearing) Elizabeth Hurley chewing the scenery and all the gorgeous men on the show under 30 is one of the underrated thrills of television today. Hurley plays the Queen, mother to three millennial children who were babes when she rocked the Versace dress with the pins. She still has the bod though. The sets are stunning: the Palace, where else! Did you know they have a “family gym.” The styling is glorious: especially Eleanor, one of the royal twins who wears the punk princess look convincingly. The two princes Royal are battling it out for the throne and the girl. (Let’s vote Prince Robert back to the island.) And Cyrus, the evil Uncle who is OVER THE TOP in actions and eyebrow raising in every scene. And let’s just get back to the dialogue…last episode, The Queen (aka Elizabeth Hurley) even refers to “Huge Grant.” Trash TV doesn’t get any better than this, even if I have no idea what a “figgy pudding” is. Sunday nights on E!


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