Winter Buddies

There is certainly something magical about looking out your windows and seeing this winter wonderland from your comfy chair beside the fireplace. Your deck is piled high with snow and if you look carefully you can see snowmobile tracks on the lake. My beloved Charming Husband, who from this day forward I will call Mr. H, wanted to embrace the winter and bought a snowmobile this weekend. Needless to say, I am sending him every local article about safety. Turns out not all of the trails are open and some of them have open streams to go over. To me, it’s all danger signs but he is as excited as a child opening his first toy at Christmas so I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer. The compromise is the Buddy System. One of his good friends also bought a snowmobile on the weekend and after digging himself out several times (now that’s hard work when you’re on the downside of 60), he and Mr. H decided to adopt the Buddy System. His wife and I will warm the mugs for coffee and sigh a little sigh of relief.

A postscript to the posting: before you head out check out the Trail conditions in Muskoka on this site:






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