Happy New Year and Welcome to Muskoka Daily!

Yes, this is NOT what Muskoka looks like today from my dock. We wish! Feet of snow is more like it. And some power outages as well.  But today is the day I have chosen to do my first posting. It all started like this: in December, a friend of mine who is one of the smartest people I know, told me that I should start a Muskoka blog, given my unique perspective, connections and journalism experience…and the fact that I spend at least half of my year enjoying living in Muskoka. And probably the fact that I always have a point of view.

I thought about it and I mentioned it to my daughter. As it happens, my daughter is a brilliant and creative web designer with her own lifestyle website about living in New York city. And for my birthday, she gifted me with this site. So with all of the stars aligned and pushing me in this direction, I decided to start the new year with my first posting.

What can you expect to see on Muskoka Daily…well for one thing, it won’t like be daily (but as often as I can!) But it will feature the best of living in Muskoka all year round. Let’s face it: as an elderly town councillor once told me when not so gently turning down my variance application: it is a privilege to have a place in Muskoka. And I agree and whether you spend a week a year, or weekends or all year long. Whether you are a visitor to someone’s cottage or home or have a place that you fly into occasionally, this site is for YOU. It will have the news and goods about what is happening in our favourite part of the world.

Speaking of news, did you know that the Tim Horton’s in Port Carling is now open. Although we cannot imagine how the traffic at that intersection is going to play out, we are excited for our first Timmy Ho. Let’s go!


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